Back in 2004, Mercedes decided to put a V12 AMG engine into it’s S, CL and SL. Some customers of these top range Mercedes models did not settle for the V8 AMG models. Therefore, as V12 specialist Mercedes developed the M275 6 liter V12 based on the 5,8 l V12 of the 600 models. The SL 65 AMG can be spotted with some luck, but the S 65 and CL 65 are extremely rare. With a price tag of more than € 200.000 the price was accordingly. In Germany a black S 65 AMG is currently available for sale. Specifically for the S 65 AMG are antracit grey rims but that’s it more or less. In contrast with the S 55 AMG 220 model, the S 65 AMG was only available as long version. Grab your chance, because this 612 powerful masterpiece is availble for only € 33.990.

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