As of today it is possible to order the first ever (series produced) all-electric AMG: the EQS 53 AMG 4MATIC+ to be precise. Starting price in Germany will be € 152.546 (19% taxes included). The AMG EQS 53 with AMG Dynamic Plus package can count on an output of 560 kW (761 hp) thanks to two electric synchronous engines providing 1.020 Nm of torque.The basic version ‘only’ achieves 484 kW (658 hp). The top speed of the most powerful version is limited to 250 km/h, the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h happens in only 3,4 seconds.


Mercedes-AMG is commiting to the typical AMG emotional driving experience. One of the systems that contributes is the AMG Sound Experience. Specific speakers, shakers and a sound generator result in two different experiences: Authentic and Performance. The electric engines are specific for the AMG EQS 53: new windings, stronger currents and new actuation via inverters with specially developed software. The engine at the rear axle has a six-phase design based on two windings with three phases each. Another centrepiece is the water lance in the shaft of the rotor, which cools it. Next to that, the energy recuperation during braking can go up to 300 kW.

The 400 Volt battery has a capacity of 107,8 kWh. The material ratio is 8:1:1 nickel, cobalt and manganese. It can be charged with 200 kW direct current at charging stations. This means that in 19 minutes you have 300 km extra range. The battery certificate is valid for 10 years or 250.000 km.



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