To enter into the 1997 FIA GT1 racing category the participating cars were required to be based on a street allowed car. This homologation rule gave birth of the legendary Porsche GT1 Straßen Version but also the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR AMG Straßen Version. Both limited to only 25 pieces. Of the 22 races that the CLK GTR AMG participated to, 17 victories and two titles were gathered. The CLK GTR was succeeded by the CLK LM and later the CLR.

However, what’s even more interesting are the road legal versions. One CLK GTR road car was built in 1997 to meet the FIA homologation procedure. The other 19 coupés were built at AMG in Affalterbach and with the support of racing specialit HWA also 6 roadsters were built a few years later. This puts the counter on 26 and not 25. Additionally there are also two prototypes of the CLK GTR having a different interior, different front splitter and gullwing doors.

There’s currently a CLK GTR AMG Straßen Version for sale at Deman Brussels of which its background lays in Germany. The car has less then 2.800 km on the counter. This CLK GTR is chassis number two and is one of the 18 coupés with the M297 6,9 litre V12, delivering 612 hp and 775 Nm torque at 5.250 rpm. Good for 0 to 100 km/h in 3,7 seconds and a top speed of around 330 km/h. Only 2 coupés were equiped with the 7,3 litre V12 with an output of 664 hp. In contrast with the roadster version, the rear spoiler is integrated as one piece with the engine bonnet. All versions were equiped with a 6-speed sequential transmission.

The car is for sale at Deman Brussels for € 5,5 million euro. In only 6 years time the sales value has increased from 1 million euro (which was more or less equal to the newprice) to more than 4 million euro. There’s a high probability that the increase will continue as the CLK GTR (as well as the Porsche GT1) can be seen as one of the first true hypercars. If you wouldn’t have the money, we can only advise you to bring a visit to this astonishing masterpiece of the nineties. The car is full of striking details that are difficult to explain in words.

Special thanks to Jordi Scheyving for below pictures.


Drive your CLK GTR like you stole it!


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