Mercedes will probably not admit, but the last Mercedes SL wasn’t as successful as Mercedes hoped for. A drastic facelift after four years couldn’t change that. One of the issues (apart from the looks perhaps) was the fact that Mercedes was also offering the AMG GT in many forms and motorisations. Mercedes-AMG recently anounced that the AMG GT is not at order anymore and that provides the perfect timing for Mercedes to launch its new SL which is not by chance developped by AMG. It is not clear yet if the SL is the successor of the AMG GT, time will tell.

But what do we know about the new Mercedes AMG? It is available as SL 55 (476 hp) and SL 63 (585 hp), both are powered by the well known 4 litre V8 engine (M177) and both come with 4MATIC+. At the same time the Mercedes SL goes back to its roots with a soft top instead of the Vario roof and furthermore the SL is now a 2 + 2 which means that in reality you can accomadate two children (up to 1,5 m) or some extra storage.

Some other highlights of the new SL:

  • AMG ACTIVE RIDE CONTROL suspension (option) with active anti-roll stabilisation (active hydraulic elements replace the conventional mechanical anti-roll bars)
  • Standard rear-axle steering
  • Standard Digital LED Light
  • Standard Airscarf heating function
  • The body shell is based on a composite aluminium structure that consits out of an aluminium space frame with a self-supporting structure
  • AIRPANEL active air control system: a combination of vertical and horizontal louvres for optimized temperature control
  • Optional active aerodynamic element, hidden in the underbody in front of the engine
  • Engine updates: new oil pan, repositioned intercoolers, active crankcase ventilation, optimised intake and exhaust ducts
  • Wet start-up clutch for the transmission (replacing the torque convertor)
  • For the first time, a series production Mercedes-AMG is fitted with a multi-link front axle with five links arranged entirely within the rim
  • AMG E PERFORMANCE hybrid variant to follow later
  • The multimedia touchscreen can be adjusted in inclination from 12 to 32°



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