Aston Martin is presenting an all new Vantage powered by AMG. The previous Vantage was Aston Martin’s second most successful model in its history. It means that the success of the new Vantage will be essential for the future of Aston Martin.

In line with the Aston Martin Mercedes-AMG collaboration the new Vantage is swapping its 4,3 l V8 Ford engine (which was in place for almost 12 years) for the 510 hp 4,0 liter AMG V8. This engine was already available in the DB11 and the DB11 Volante and brings lowered weight and therefore improved handling versus the V12 powered DB11. Next to the AMG engine, the new looks of the Aston Martin Vantage are the attraction of this new sportscar. Well, if they need to stand for another 12 years it could be a good decision from Aston Martin to revolutionize the design. Aerodynamic efficiency was the main objective of the car’s design. Every little detail has its aerodynamic function. The new Aston Martin may not be that classy (or good looking) as the current Vantage, but time will tell.

Performance is key in this segment and thanks to 685 Nm the new Vantage sprints in only 3,5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and a top speed of 315 km/h is possible. Other key figures are a weight of 1.530 kg and a carbondioxide footprint of 245 g CO2 per 100 km. For the new Vantage, Aston Martin is opting for the 8-speed ZF transmission instead of the Mercedes own developed DCT transmission.

What’s more is that this will be the first Aston Martin with an electronic rear differential which should improve the handling versus a mechanical one, including straight-line stability. Compared to a conventional differential it can go from fully opened to fully locked in only a matter of milliseconds. Likewise any other modern sportscar the Aston Martin Vantage is also equipped with dynamic torque vectoring, adaptive damping system and electric power steering.

Together with the Vantage, Aston Martin is introducing the GTE version that will be active in the WEC championship as from next year and has a similar engine as the AMG GT3/GT4. Frist deliveries are only scheduled as from Q2 2018 with a starting price in Germany of € 154.000 including taxes. Only for the happy few …


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