It has been in the air for some while. Mercedes-AMG was working on a more hardcore version of the AMG GT R. Recently, the AMG GT R PRO was born, but it is not as hardcore as expected. It leaves the option open that at the end of the lifecycle of the GT there could still be a GT R Black Series.

Together with the AMG GT R PRO Mercedes took the opportunity to update the full range of the GT Coupé and GT Roadster. The latest update is yet the second time that AMG updates its popular GT model. Also back in 2017 AMG introduced some new engines and the Panamerica grill.

The highlights of the updated AMG GT:

  • Fully digital instrument display with AMG specific display styles: Classic, Sporty or Supersport.
  • New centre console in V8 design based on the AMG GT 4-Door Coupé integrating functions such as ESP, transmission, chassis damping, exhaust system, rear spoiler and start-stop.
  • New AMG steering wheel with integrated cruise control (Distronic and Tempomat) and Touch Control buttons.
  • LED headlights with new inner design.
  • New design of the rear apron for the AMG GT, AMG GT S and AMG GT C. The AMG GT has now two round twin tail pipe covers, the GT S and GT C have now trapeze shaped twin tail pipes.
  • Parking assistance (Parktronic) with front and rear view camera.
  • AMG Dynamics technology: regulates the functions of ESP to the exact dosing of the power distribution at the rear axis and the steering characteristics. The system is able to predict the behaviour of the car based on data from the sensors and the driver’s actions. It should increase cornering dynamics and predictable handling. There are four AMG Dynamic modes: Basic (activated in Comfort mode), Advanced (activated in Sport mode), Pro (activated in Sport+ driving mode) and Master (activated in Race driving mode which is only available for the GT S, GT C and GT R).


Additional highlights of the AMG GTR PRO:

  • Limited edition, but not known yet how many units are available for sales.
  • Development of the AMG GT R PRO was based on knowledge from the GT3 and GT4 racing cars.
  • New coil-over suspension allows the driver to tailor the set-up: set the spring preload length mechanically, and adjust the compression and rebound of the dampers. Furthermore the compression rate is adjusted separately for high-speed and low-speed movements. The selected parameters have an influence on the body dive and roll and therefore also the traction.
  • At the front axle there’s an adjustable torsion bar made out of carbon fibre. The torsion bar at the rear is made of steel, but weight is also limited thanks to hollow tube design.
  • Next to Uniball spherical bearings at the lower wishbones of the rear axle, the PRO also gets them for the upper wishbones. They have the advantage of better wear resistance and toe-in and camber do not change even under high loads.
  • Track Package (not for USA, Canada or China): roll cage, 4-point safety harnesses for driver and passenger, and a 2-kg fire extinguisher.
  • Redesigned front apron with two carbon side flics and vertical aero elements at the wheel arches at the back.
  • Specific striping in green (in combination with selenite grey) or dark grey (in combination with other colors). The striping can also be omitted optionally.

The complete AMG GT family overview can be found here.


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