With the end of the year approaching it’s time to look back at the highlights of 2019. In the field of cars definitely  seeing an SLR 722 at Spa was a real highlight. During the Spa Classic Six Hours a hero from UK brought over his SLR 722 to watch or race himself. Unfortunately I did not spot the car at the circuit, but someone gave me a hint that the owner stayed over at a famous hotel in Spa. And -oh Lord- it was.

The number 722 is a reference to the starting time of Striling Moss at the Mille Miglia back in 1955, May the first. At the wheel of a 300 SLR. Togehter with his navigator Denis Jenkinson, the duo covered 1.000 miles in just 10 hours, 7 minutes and 48 seconds. The SLR 722 was first presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2006. Performance of the SLR was pre-hypercar level: 650 hp at 6.500 rpm, 820 Nm at 4.000 rpm, good for a topspeed of 337 km/h and from 0 to 100 in just 3,6 seconds. A little fact: the SLR 722 is 1 cm lower than a ‘regular’ SLR.

Earlier this year we also had the opportunity to see a black SLR 722 Coupé in Knokke, but the setting of the SLR 722 at Spa in an abandoned parking lot did fit the car perfectly. The launch price in Belgium back in 2006 was € 479.000, but current marketprice for the SLR 722 can range easily up to € 750.000.

More information on the SLR line-up can be found at our SLR page.


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