A Belgian Mercedes dealership (Eurostar 2000) recently organized an exclusive AMG event for their interested customers. It was a combination of a small tour with some recent models (SLC 43 AMG, SL 63 AMG, S 63 AMG Cabriolet, GLE 63 AMG …) and an AMG Driving Academy session in Bruges (AMG GT, E 63 S AMG 4MATIC+ (Edition 1), GLA 45 AMG Facelift and Yellow Nigth Editions of the A, CLA and CLA Shooting Brake). Afterwards the group headed towards the AMG pop-up lounge in Knokke for a nice dinner. AMG In Years could shoot some of the AMG action at VOC Bruges where the drivers received some useful instruction from professional race driver Nico Verdonck.


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