Some people believe that the Mercedes W124 could be the best car of all times. The used materials, the build quality, the comfort level and the way the car just drives could potentially last infinitly. The E 60 AMG variant could be the pinnacle of the 124 series, however only few of this masterpiece were built. Akpinar Automobile in Sindelfingen is selling an E 60 AMG built in November 1994.

AMG doesn’t reveal how many E 60’s were oficially produced but as the asking price – even after 300k km – is almost € 120.000, the W124 E 60 AMG is perceived as extremely rare and therefore as collector’s item. The baseline for this E 60 was the E 500 which was developed in alignment with Porsche. The M119 6 liter V8 engine provides an output of 381 hp and maximum torque of 580 Nm. Also the interior of this E 60 looks still very fresh and all in all it contributes to the very special feeling of this top-of-the-range W124. Only that price …

The complete E-Class AMG history can be found here.


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