For all good things in life you need to be patient. It is more than 7 years since the latest black series, the SLS AMG Black Series. The wait is over with the arrival of the AMG GT Black Series. The looks are very close to the GT3 and GT4 racecar. The massive front grill and enormous rear sploiler are the real eye catchers. There is no confusion with the AMG GT R or AMG GT R PRO. Apart from the SLR Stirling Moss and CLK AMG GTR, this must be the most crazy street legal Mercedes since long. This is how AMG describes their new masterpiece: “The most powerful AMG V8 series engine of all time, the most expressive design, the most elaborate aerodynamics, the most intelligent material mix, the most distinctive driving dynamics.” Expectations are set.

A ‘short’ list of the technical highlights:

  • M178 LS2 engine: 4,0 l V8 with 730 hp between 6.700 and 6.900 rpm, and 800 Nm torque between 2.000 and 6.000 rpm
  • Flat crankshaft: all crankpins are on the same plane with a 180° offset instead of the usual 90° resulting in more torque at low rotational speeds and specific sound
  • The exhaust side has moved into the hot internal V of the two cylinder banks
  • The two twin scroll exhaust turbochargers are mounted in anti-friction bearings
  • Larger compressor wheel for the turbochargers that can deliver 1.100 kg per hour compared to 900 kg per hour for the AMG GT R
  • The AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7G dual clutch transmission has been adjusted to handle the increased torque
  • Flat underbody with longitudinal fins to ensure optimal airflow to the rear diffuser
  • The wishbones, steering knuckles and hub carriers on the front and rear axle are made fully from forged aluminium in order to reduce the unsprung masses
  • The spherical bearings on the upper and lower wishbones of the rear axle come directly from motorsport
  • AMG RIDE CONTROL with three modes: Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus. In the latter mode, the system automatically recongnises the quality of the track surface in order to adjust the electronic damping.
  • The camber at the front and rear axle can be adjusted manually
  • Dual adjustable torsion bar made of carbon fibre at the front axle and a triple adjustable steel torsion bar at the rear axle
  • Exclusive MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 R MO1A, whose side flank contains the silhouette of the AMG GT Black Series
  • 400 kg downforce at 250 km/h
  • 0 to 200 km/h in under 9 seconds, top speed is 325 km/h

Visual modifications:

  • Black engine badge with indication of the unique standing of the engine
  • Larger radiator air inlet based on the GT3 racecar
  • Carbon fibre front splitter with Street and Race mode that can be activated manually
  • Two exhaust air openings in the bonnet that guide the warm air from the diagonally positioned cooling pack, out of the engine compartment
  • Rear aerofoil concept is part of the massive rear spoiler with movable flap (20°) in the upper blade which also acts as air brake
  • Carbon fibre roof and tailgate
  • Larger rear windscreen from lightweight thin glass
  • Orange contrasting topstitching (grey available as option)
  • Loop pull handles instead of conventional handles

As option customers can choose for the AMG Track Package (only in combination with the carbon fibre bucket seats): roll-over protection system (lightweight bolted titanium-tube cage), 4-point seatbelts and a 2 kg fire extinguisher.

The price tag guarantees exclusivity (€ 335.240 in Germany, including 16% taxes) but for now it is not clear yet if the AMG GT Black Series will be limited in production or not.


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