Mercedes-AMG has a broad range of colors that are available on almost each AMG model. There are exceptions like Solarbeam Yellow that is officially only reserved for the AMG GT. Also the new AMG GT 4-Door Coupé will probably bring some new colors like the matte blue we saw in Geneva. Never say just silver again. Mercedes-AMG has three different silver variants. The same is valid for red, green, brown or blue.

If you are not ok with the standard colors, there is still the possibility to ask for the color of your dreams in the AMG Performance Studio. Just think about the Yosemite Blue Mercedes SLS (Black Series). Probably the colors of the previous G AMG Crazy Color Editions are still available if you have some money left.

Below the colorful overview.

Elbaite Green

Elbaite Green

Green Hell Magno

Green Hell Magno

Emerald Green Metallic

Emerald Green Metallic

Kallaite Green Metallic

kallaite green metallic

 Jupiter Red

Designo Hyacinth Red Metallic

Orient Brown Metallic

Orient Brown Metallic

 Citrine Brown Metallic

citrine brown metallic

Designo Selenite Grey Magno

Designo Selenite grey magno

Designo Allanite Grey Magno

designo allanite grey magno

Designo Cerussite Grey Magno

designo cerussite grey magno

Selenite Grey Metallic

selenite grey metallic

Indium Grey Metallic

indium grey metallic

Brilliant Blue Metallic

Anthracite Blue Metallic

Diamond Silver Metallic

diamond silver metallic

Iridium Silver Metallic

iridium silver metallic

Designo Polar Silver Magno

designo polar silver magno

Designo Iridium Silver Magno

designo iridium silver magno


AMG GT Black

Obsidian Black Metallic

obsidian black metallic E 63

Ruby Black Metallic

ruby black metallic

Magnetite Black Metallic

magnetite black metallic

Designo Mocha Black Metallic

designo mocha black metallic

Designo Cashmere White Magno

designo cashmere white magno

Polar White

Polar White

AMG Solarbeam Yellow

AMG Solarbeam


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