We gambled and were wrong, but not far from … The most expensive G-Class ever is not the G 65 AMG 4×4² Convertible, but the Mercedes-Maybach G 650 4×4² Laundaulet.

The Landaulet badge goes back to the ’60 with the Mercedes-Benz 600, but more recently to 2008 when a convertible version of the Maybach 62S was launched. Only 8 units were built which makes it a lot more exclusive than the new G 650 Landaulet of which 99 units will be produced with a price tag of around € 650.000 (including taxes). Deliveries will start in October, but the G 650 4×4² will be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet

In contrast with the S 650 Cabrio, Mercedes is specifically mentioning that the G 650 is powered by the Mercedes-AMG V12 engine. It doesn’t really matter if the engine has a handcrafted by badge on the engine cover, as the 600 and the 65 AMG are exactly the same, both producing 630 hp. Still waiting on an engine picture though …

Vlogger Tim Burton (Shmee 150) got the opportunity to be present at the official world première in South Africa and he was able to use the G 650 in it’s ultimate habitat, a safari to spot the big 5.


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